The Quality Policy

BE BIOTECH srl considers customer satisfaction and compliance with mandatory regulations, as fundamental factors for the achievement of its development objectives and for a correct and continuous supply of services and products that meet quality requirements.

Through the introduction, certification and maintenance of a Quality Management System, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 standards, the company wants to guarantee an efficient and correct management of services and products realized and achieve, in addition to due compliance with all applicable regulations (Directive 98/79 / EC for IVD products, waste management, safety of workers, etc.) the objectives of continuous improvement of the organization and the services / products offered. In particular, the company has the following general objectives for quality:

  • Design, develop and produce new in vitro diagnostic medical devices, which meet the needs of customers and that are adequate and innovative compared to current scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Improve the management of production processes, to optimize processing times and reduce rework and waste;
  • Effectively monitor Italian and foreign customers in order to evaluate and improve their level of satisfaction;
  • Provide technical assistance to customers who request it, with timing and professionalism;
  • Develop the professionalism of staff through continuous training and training;
  • Design, develop and implement interlaboratory programs for the molecular biology sector, in order to provide the laboratories of analysis, a valid tool for the verification of interlaboratory performance;

Starting from the aforementioned general objectives, the Department has defined objectives and indicators for the various company processes and related functions, which are reviewed and reviewed periodically and which allow the effectiveness and efficiency of the improvement of activities and customer satisfaction to be measured.

It is BE BIOTECH srl's conviction that the achievement of the assigned objectives is possible only with the active contribution of all the staff, therefore the maximum collaboration is requested, ensuring the availability of all the human and technical resources that may be necessary.

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