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Pubblicato nel European Journal of Human Genetics , (25 Aprile 2012) Genome-wide scan with nearly 700 000 SNPs in two Sardinian sub-populations suggests some regions as candidate targets for positive selection
Ignazio Stefano Piras, Antonella De Montis, Carla Maria Calò, Monica Marini, Manuela Atzori, Laura Corrias, Marco Sazzini, Alessio Boattini, Giuseppe Vona and Licinio Contu

This paper explores the genetic structure and signatures of natural selection in different sub-populations from the Island of Sardinia, exploiting information from nearly 700 000 autosomal SNPs genotyped with the Affymetrix Genome-Wide Human SNP 6.0 Array. The genetic structure of the Sardinian population and its position within the context of other Mediterranean and European human groups were investigated in depth by comparing our data with publicly available data sets. Principal components and admixture analyses suggest a clustering of the examined samples in two significantly differentiated sub-populations (Ogliastra and Southern Sardinia), as confirmed by AMOVA (FST=0.011; P
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